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Walking your alpaca

Alpaca Walking your Alpaca in the Village of Hamburg

Crossing Buffalo Street in the Village of Hamburg NY this last Saturday, I saw a gentleman walking a strange but beautiful animal. Was it a llama? A standard poodle? A pony? No, it was a alpaca! I was introduced to Syd the Kid, a 2 year old male who had a face you could not resist. The gentleman was in town selling warm and soft alpaca socks and scarfs at the Farmer’s Market. It caught my eye. No doubt you have passed alpaca farms on road trips and have zipped right by. This cute alpaca lives in Eden NY and the farm offers tours. Such fascinating animals! I got a kick out of Syd even thou he has been known to kick. They don’t call him Syd the Kick, I mean Kid for nothing. If you are looking for soft and warm alpaca socks and scarfs; check out www.edenvalleyalpacas.com. Maybe you know of other alpaca farms. I wouldn’t mind the socks but I’m sticking to walking poodles.

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