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Quick Tour of Vermont & New Hampshire

       There are several reasons that I really enjoy being a tour hostess. The obvious of course is to experience new places. You expand your horizons. Your perspective changes. Yet it goes further.


*Please enjoy the video of our trip to Vermont and New Hampshire



1 . You realize you place barriers in your life that prevent you from taking more trip. Maybe it’s your kids sporting events, or money, or just thinking that it’s just out of your realm of thinking. Yet, it does you so much good. Nothing beats connecting with the ones you love on a vacation. Returning home, your appreciation grows.

2.  You learn how to act and realize how much your actions affect others. It’s so easy to spot the “one” who is the complainer. It becomes clear how you want to live your life and how you want to be perceived.

3. You learn about other people’s struggles and realize we are all the same. Yet inside of all of us are limitless possibilities that it is up to us to discover and use them.

4.  You connect with others and learn from them. Perhaps you witness 3 sisters traveling together with their husbands and think “I should organize that” too while we can.

5. Putting others first makes you feel so good inside. Making sure everyone is on the bus, the train, has gotten served first, likes their meal, is pleased with their room. The less focus on yourself opens you up to greater glory of the creation and of this world.





Thanks for coming with me Evan.


A pumpkin totem pole. Wow. How cool.

One Thought on “Quick Tour of Vermont & New Hampshire

  1. Laurie V on October 25, 2017 at 1:47 am said:

    Thanks Trish. Awesome video of our Vermont New Hampshire trip. You know how to make everything special!

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