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Easiest Dinner Ever

Are you looking for something easy, fast, inexpensive, healthy and delicious to make for dinner? Folks, I have the answer. Motivated by an Instagram comment on my photo of this dinner, the comment read …recipe please. Really? OK. It’s almost too easy and too good to be true. How about this…a bag of frozen chicken breasts, a bag of frozen peas and a jar of Tikka Masala from Aldi’s. That’s it.

All you have to do is in a casserole dish, throw in a bag of frozen peas, and add frozen chicken tenderloins on top of the peas.  All you have left to do is open a jar of Tikka Masala sold at Aldi’s for $1.99 and pour it on top and throw it in the oven.  I’m almost embarrassed to admit how little I do. I add a little water to swish out the ingredients in the jar. I have also purchased and used the Masala sauce at Trader Joe’s. I bake it in the oven for an hour at 375 degrees because I like things really cooked and bubbly. Delicious!

I’m always on the hunt for these sauces at Trader Joe’s and Aldi’s.

I simply pour the sauce over the peas and the chicken.


Tikka Masala for dinner! Press here…



How easy is this? Bake in the oven for 375 for an hour and serve over rice with a salad on the side. Also serve Basmati rice and Naan bread. You get all the flavors by just opening up a jar! A lot uses fresh chicken and cook it on the stove and add green pepper, onion, pineapple and serve it over rice. You can do anything, the key ingredients is the Tikka Masala sauce. It’s the new soup recipes from your grandma!

This is my plate…I should serve the chicken over rice with naan bread on the side…this is the slim down version.

My dear friend and neighbor Pam has a “go to” meal with her laughs and calls her “Chicken surprise”.

It’s just chicken tenders cooked on the stove top in a little oil and salt and pepper. She adds two cans of cream of celery soup (or cream of….whatever!!) and adds a little milk. She doesn’t stop there. Pam adds vegetables and cooked rice. Toss & turn and mix & heat and you have it…chicken surprise!

I have another friend who will just add a jar of salsa to boneless chicken breast in the crock pot. She puts it on low for the day and the comes home and pulls out the tortilla wraps and adds the cooked chicken to some cheese, lettuce and tomatoes for her quick “go to” meal.

It’s my “go-to” meal. It’s so easy. Oh, you can always cook it in the crock-pot too.





What’s so special about Trader Joe’s?

Just Another unique seasonal offering from Trader Joe's. Spread goat cheese on top and it's simply delicious.

Just another unique seasonal offering from Trader Joe’s. Spread goat cheese on top of these crisps and it’s simply delicious.


As a Trader Joe’s fan, people ask me all the time – what is so special about Trader Joe’s? I mean, we have the Lexington Co-op,  Wegmans, Tops, Dash’s and plenty of places to shop and buy groceries. Well, now that we have one in the area, it’s time for me to explain it’s appeal.

1. It’s the perfect size! 12,000 square foot stores. I don’t need the 140,000 square foot mega supermarket. If the grocery store is too big, it’s too exhausting.

2. The cashiers! They are all happy hippies. They are not young kids. They are men and women who engage in conversation and are so darn positive about everything you are buying, they just reaffirm your purchases. They smile, they hand out stickers, and bag your groceries in nice handled brown bags. They may be middle aged but they could not be happier doing what they are doing. They don’t need to be a big shot in the world; they are a cashier at Trader Joe’s and loving life.

3. It’s fun! As soon as you walk in, you are stimulated by the colors and sights of the flowers and vegetables. The signs are hand painted with creativity. The bell rings. The samples are handed out. The packaging is appealing. There are workers who walk around looking to help.

4. The merchandise! Unique private label products packed with appeal and quality. They don’t sell corn tortilla chips. They sell quinoa and black bean tortilla chip.

5. The price! Not bad at all. And everything you buy gives you so much satisfaction, and the cashier is telling you how everything is so fantastic, you can’t wait to go home and give them all a try.