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The Cincinnati Experience

        Somehow I was granted the privilege of being a chaperone for 10 Nardin High School young ladies along with Stephanie Malinowski and Rosalie Sperrazza.  In two mini vans we headed to Cincinnati, Ohio to give a week of service to others.


           I cannot tell you the amount of people who said to me, why Cincinnati? We have so many opportunities to help people right here in Buffalo. True enough. But staying in your own city fills you with distractions, and you stay in the safe zone, and the unknown tends to bond with the group together.


           The best reason to go on a service retreat is that you see the world differently and you see each other differently too. You really grow in admiration of each other. New friends. New perspectives. And you become so grateful for what you have waiting for you back home. A family, a home, a comfortable bed, a dog, a school you are proud to attend, and the list goes on and on.


Please watch the movie to better understand.


        Our world was expanded in the city of Cincinnati. Driving over the Ohio River into Kentucky a few times, all the hills, all the stairs, the trains, and the historic row houses. We over came fear and we had a boost in our confidence that we can return home and paint a deck for someone too. We discovered the positive difference you can make in someones life. You witness immediate results and see the smiles on their faces. The young ladies saw the good in their own city of Buffalo too. Little things that they took for granted like our beautiful view of Lake Erie, walking along Canalside and the cooler temperatures. No matter where you go, you always stay loyal to your hometown and getting out of town just reinforces that.





          We lived in simple housing, cell phones were restricted, mirrors were hard to find in the house, and meals were prepared together.Each day began and ended in the chapel for reflection and prayer. What a peaceful way to live.



         We all have opportunities to mentor, to share our talents, to influence for the good , to life people up, to love and encourage each other, to believe and help others. I hope that Ava, Amelia, Adrianna, Caroline, Isabella, Leah, McKenzie, Melanie, Shannon, and Tori all realize how much I care about them and see their goodness and light shine so bright.


           Thank you to the City of Cincinnati who opened our eyes to the amount of non profit agencies that we don’t have to help people along when they need it most. The generosity of it’s residents is so impressive.



          See the world differently. Leave our distractions behind and go on a service trip. You will return home in a new light.


Sincerely, Trish









The Pug Story

          It doesn’t matter if you adopt a rescue dog, a mutt, or a pedigree pup from a top breeder.  Dogs benefit mankind immeasurably.


I was so excited to follow along.  You know I am a dog lover and it also involves my sister and Instagram!  Home run!  I love taking pictures, I love my sisters, and I love dogs.

Sit back relax and enjoy “The Pug Movie” The story of Hank.


My sister Anne who lives in California in the LA area called me a month ago to say one of her best friends is flying to Buffalo (Tonawanda to be exact) to pick up the pug puppy she had reserved. They are both fabulous friends and complete and utter dog lovers. It’s fun to hang around these two ladies. They share many stories of their dogs together and Noreen recently went with Anne to pick up her new pair of puppies at a local animal shelter where she scored 2 adorable litter mate puppies. Follow Beatrix and Butters on Instagram at beatrixandbutters. So, of course Anne had to be with Noreen as she met her new puppy.





Noreen fell in love with the Pug breed after one mysteriously appeared at her house one day, and that was 18 years ago. Every since then, this family of 5 has been hooked on pugs. They found the breeder by following different Instagram accounts featuring pugs. They really liked the looks of the pug in one account and contacted the owner who gave them the name of the breeder named Kelly in Tonawanda, NY.


I’m so happy that I went along on the exciting journey of Noreen meeting her new puppy “Hank.”

These little stories help you see the good in this world. Lessons from dogs are countless but one I will leave you with today is the ability to love and invite others in your life. A dog simply wants you to love him/her but a dog also wants to be loved. Savor those lessons. Love and be loved. Dogs don’t live a long life yet we keep going back and buying a new puppy. They are unforgettable and steal our hearts.

Stay tuned to find out Hank’s Instagram account. It’s coming.


Enjoy the true story,

Sincerely, Trish







Skaneateles Lake

My thought today is to take a look around and notice all the splendor of this beautiful world. Just 2 and a half hours from Buffalo, outside Syracuse, is a quaint little lake town called Skaneateles. If you enjoy dining (with so many delightful options), shopping, boating, fishing, swimming, and simply experiencing a lovely place to visit, please visit Skaneateles.

Skaneateles Lake itself is 16 miles long. It is smaller than the biggest Finger Lakes which are Seneca Lake and Cayuga Lake at 37 miles long. The waters are so clean and pristine. People just drink from the water!


Follow along in my video and see why this place is so special. Take the time to look around.