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Sweet November. Day Light Savings makes waking up a little easier.

Good Morning! It’s the start of daylight savings and it’s time to take advantage of the morning light. There is nothing more satisfying in the morning then a walk with my husband and our dogs. Of course I asked him what was the best part of the morning was and he said ” kissing the dogs and the automatic timer on the coffee pot.” But, to see the sunrise, to see our dogs run off leash with no one around, to take in the beauty and promise of each new day, to have a loyal partner in life is an immeasurable pleasure. Have you been waking up a little earlier thinking–wow, I didn’t need an alarm clock? It’s nature telling you to take advantage of the morning light. I know I am at a position in my life where the kids are older, that I have a built in walking partner who walks ten paces in front of me, and dogs that virtually do back flips when we say the word “park”. But even if you are not in the position to leave the house you can always show your family your love by your actions. If you wake up a little earlier, a little housework goes a long way. If I were a contestant on the “Family Feud” and was asked “the top 5 answers to the question; name the best things in life that are free” I would say – being alive, finding true compatibility with your spouse, the ability to walk and breathe, and the beauty of nature. An early morning walk is blessing for the whole day. Cheers.

The promise of a new day.

The promise of a new day.



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