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Is Halloween Going To The Dogs?

Have You Ever Been “Booed”?

Halloween Fun

BOO item ideas. Candy, cookies, soap, candles, and Halloween goodies are all you need. Why is the poodle in the picture? Because I’m poodle walker!


Have you ever been “BOOED”?  I mean, the good kind of BOOED. Not off the stage! We happen to live on a street where the neighbors are very close. We have a phone and email directory, an annual Halloween block party, a ladies Christmas party exchange, and the guys have a golf and awards night complete with the prized “green jacket”. Last year, another new tradition began. Our new neighbors moved in and brought with them a tradition that was cherished on their street many states away. We have incorporated it and love it. It’s called “BOOED”. You leave a gift on a neighbors’ doorstep with a poem explaining that they have been “BOOED” and they need to pass on the favor in the next couple days. Once you’ve been “BOOED” you are to leave a BOO picture in your window so you know which neighbors still need to be “BOOED”. Hey, doesn’t the world need a little lift? Don’t you want to be surprised with cookies or a homemade treat? Kids can’t have all the fun. Apparently a naysayer said “I don’t need the stress of getting a bloody BOO gift; I’m too busy; I don’t need it.” You know what I say to that? BOO! BOO!