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Time to Unwrap the Poodles

Some people collect nutcrackers, Byers Choice, or Spode China for Christmas. I prefer the poodle ornaments.

Some people collect nutcrackers, Byers Choice, or Spode China for Christmas. I prefer the poodle ornaments.

I’m having fun inviting myself over to different houses to see what the heck people collect at Christmas. Stay tuned! It will be my next blog. Traditions give our family some uniqueness and comfort. I mean, who doesn’t live for the continuation of craziness of figurine collections year after year? I’m sure my own family thinks I’m a little nuts to collect poodle ornaments. Forgive me; they may seem tacky to you but not for me. Every year at this time when I pull them out to hang on the tree, I am reminded how much these little glitzy fake poodles mean to me. You know, sometimes you forget how much something means to you until you experience it again. I’m not just thinking about Christmas items we drag out of our attic once a year. It can also be an organization or club you were part of, a past job and people that you got to know, or even a group of friends or old neighbors you have not gone out with in a while. Connect, reach out and continue the good things out there. Oh, and if you see any poodle ornaments hanging around; by all means, you know who to call.

Walking your alpaca

Alpaca Walking your Alpaca in the Village of Hamburg

Crossing Buffalo Street in the Village of Hamburg NY this last Saturday, I saw a gentleman walking a strange but beautiful animal. Was it a llama? A standard poodle? A pony? No, it was a alpaca! I was introduced to Syd the Kid, a 2 year old male who had a face you could not resist. The gentleman was in town selling warm and soft alpaca socks and scarfs at the Farmer’s Market. It caught my eye. No doubt you have passed alpaca farms on road trips and have zipped right by. This cute alpaca lives in Eden NY and the farm offers tours. Such fascinating animals! I got a kick out of Syd even thou he has been known to kick. They don’t call him Syd the Kick, I mean Kid for nothing. If you are looking for soft and warm alpaca socks and scarfs; check out www.edenvalleyalpacas.com. Maybe you know of other alpaca farms. I wouldn’t mind the socks but I’m sticking to walking poodles.


Sweet November. Day Light Savings makes waking up a little easier.

Good Morning! It’s the start of daylight savings and it’s time to take advantage of the morning light. There is nothing more satisfying in the morning then a walk with my husband and our dogs. Of course I asked him what was the best part of the morning was and he said ” kissing the dogs and the automatic timer on the coffee pot.” But, to see the sunrise, to see our dogs run off leash with no one around, to take in the beauty and promise of each new day, to have a loyal partner in life is an immeasurable pleasure. Have you been waking up a little earlier thinking–wow, I didn’t need an alarm clock? It’s nature telling you to take advantage of the morning light. I know I am at a position in my life where the kids are older, that I have a built in walking partner who walks ten paces in front of me, and dogs that virtually do back flips when we say the word “park”. But even if you are not in the position to leave the house you can always show your family your love by your actions. If you wake up a little earlier, a little housework goes a long way. If I were a contestant on the “Family Feud” and was asked “the top 5 answers to the question; name the best things in life that are free” I would say – being alive, finding true compatibility with your spouse, the ability to walk and breathe, and the beauty of nature. An early morning walk is blessing for the whole day. Cheers.

The promise of a new day.

The promise of a new day.



Do You Want To Call Your Dogs? Pull Out A Receipt.

Trick or Treat

Have some fun this Halloween.

Happy Halloween from Rory and Lucy Marie.

Happy Halloween or All Hallows’ Eve. It’s going to be a fun day. I can’t wait to go to work and tell everyone to “take off your scary masks!”  Of course the favorite activity for children is trick or treating. I don’t know about you but I have never cared for bobbing for apples; the water got dirty and there were teeth marks in the apples. But it was a game we played every year. Growing up in the 1960’s, our costumes were almost always home made. Politically incorrect too; a lot of bums. Our parents didn’t fuss like they sure do now. You need a bag to carry your trick or treat candy?  Go grab a pillow case. The fun part was spilling your candy all over the floor and making candy trades with my sisters. “Wait, how did you get the candy cigarettes and waxed teeth and not me, we went to all the same houses?”  Oh, and in case you need a joke for today to share here are a couple. What do ghosts have for dessert (I-scream), Why couldn’t the ghost find his mom and dad? (they were transparent).



Is Halloween Going To The Dogs?

Meet Beauregard

This handsome cockapoo was acquired at the Buffalo Animal Shelter.

This handsome cockapoo was acquired at the Buffalo Animal Shelter.

It’s time for another dog story. Since I am the poodle walker, I have the good fortune to meet other dog walkers. Timing is everything folks. When you go on walks you can only hope you will run into your favorite dogs and those of your dogs. After all, certainly your dogs have friends too. And your dogs certainly hit it off with some dogs more than others. Who knows why. Well, as luck would have it, today we walked with the precious Beauregard. Beauregard, we believe is a cockapoo, but we cannot be certain. This handsome guy was acquired at the Buffalo Animal Shelter at 380 North Oak Street. He was found emaciated, flea infested, and tied to a fence. He was abandoned outside a well known drug house to die. Adopted with love by a neighbor, Beauregard was named (who knows if he even had a name), fattened up (went from 15 pounds to 30 pounds), cleaned up (fluffy no fleas) and was told by the Vet that he was most likely under the age of 2 (by looking at his teeth) and a cockapoo (by his obvious good looks). Remember, everybody has a story and every dog does too.



This 7 year old male weighs 160 pounds


He weighs 160 pounds and is 7 years old. A Newfoundland named Gus.

He weighs 160 pounds and is 7 years old. A Newfoundland named Gus. This picture was taken just 2 weeks after his emergency surgery.

Since I am a Poodle Walker, I meet many dogs on my walks. One of my favorites is Gus. Gus is a 7 year old male Newfoundland dog who is gentle and sweet tempered. I hadn’t seen Gus on our walks lately and found out that he had a scary attack of twisted stomach or bloat. It came out of nowhere and his owner said he started panting, and jumping on and off the furniture. He was unable to vomit and could not get comfortable. It was completely out of the ordinary since it was 2 0’clock in the morning. The owners were trying their hardest to go back to sleep but Gus kept acting very distressed. Fortunately the owners did not go back to sleep. They got in the car and immediately drove to Orchard Park to the Emergency Veterinary Hospital where they were able to diagnose the bloat right away and get Gus into surgery. Bloat is something to know about since certain dogs (large, deep chested) are more prone to this troubling conditions. Get to the Vet ASAP if you suspect bloat in your dog. And, if you see Gus on his walks he likes to take his time, roll in the grass, and wait for the kids to get off the bus. That’s Gus.



Have You Ever Been “Booed”?

Halloween Fun

BOO item ideas. Candy, cookies, soap, candles, and Halloween goodies are all you need. Why is the poodle in the picture? Because I’m poodle walker!


Have you ever been “BOOED”?  I mean, the good kind of BOOED. Not off the stage! We happen to live on a street where the neighbors are very close. We have a phone and email directory, an annual Halloween block party, a ladies Christmas party exchange, and the guys have a golf and awards night complete with the prized “green jacket”. Last year, another new tradition began. Our new neighbors moved in and brought with them a tradition that was cherished on their street many states away. We have incorporated it and love it. It’s called “BOOED”. You leave a gift on a neighbors’ doorstep with a poem explaining that they have been “BOOED” and they need to pass on the favor in the next couple days. Once you’ve been “BOOED” you are to leave a BOO picture in your window so you know which neighbors still need to be “BOOED”. Hey, doesn’t the world need a little lift? Don’t you want to be surprised with cookies or a homemade treat? Kids can’t have all the fun. Apparently a naysayer said “I don’t need the stress of getting a bloody BOO gift; I’m too busy; I don’t need it.” You know what I say to that? BOO! BOO!

Sunday. A day to rest and play.

Sunday is a time when we allow ourselves to set anchor and remember our purpose on earth. Sunday is the day to go to church and remember that God made the world and rested. God calls us to rest, to pray, to hear His voice, to be aware of His presence and the beauty of the earth. A time for family and a time to connect. A time away from the office, phone and fax machines. A time to break bread together. A time to relax and play.

spend time at home

spend time at home and rest and play.