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When Pumpkin Meets Banana


Beware. Pinterest is especially tempting and captivating with fall decor and recipes. Riveting. One monster snack, caramel apple pops, and pumpkin recipe at a time.


Caroline’s close friend Sara came over to help make a batch.

     While, most of us are copying ideas, I have a daughter who has invented a pumpkin meets banana chocolate chip bread. Yeah Caroline!! No copy cat for her. Ok, a mix is involved. But she devised a Pinterest worthy bread that will knock your socks off. And the dear readers to poodlewalker get the first dibs. Like all good inventions, it kind of happened by accident. Caroline was looking for a pumpkin bread mix but only found a banana bread mix. She added a can of organic pumpkin and added chocolate chips with cinnamon and nutmeg. Whoa, is it good.



Here’s the recipe.

1.   15 oz box of Trader Joe’s Banana Bread Mix

2.    1/4 cup vegetable oil

3.    2 eggs

4.    3/4 Cup Water

5.   1 Can Organic Pumpkin from Trader Joe’s

6.   Eyeballed amount of fall spices (About two Teaspoons Cinnamon and 1/4 Teaspoon of Nutmeg)

7.   1/2 Bag or Trader Joe’s semi-sweet chocolate chips


Essentially, you mix everything in a bowl and then put it in a lightly greased pan, and it sure makes for a real easy clean up! Now, you’ll need to cook it for a little longer than the box calls for, because of the extra, dare I say…moisture, in the bread mixture. Time in the oven depends on the size of the container, so we usually stick with the tooth pick technique! Excellent in a muffin container, a mini bread pan, or as an entire loaf. This fall treat goes well with Apple Cider, Coffee, Milk, and most definitely hot chocolate.


Who would have thought, banana and pumpkin. The end of one season and the beginning of another. Maybe the lesson we can learn is one so simple, most overlook it. That two unlikely things can complement one another and make a pair no one thought of. It goes without saying that we can translate this lesson into life. Maybe it is at work, when someone brings a new idea to the table, accept that idea and build on it to make a combination no one has thought of. Maybe it is an old shirt you found in your closet and want to try out with a new skirt, try it, it expresses your personality. And maybe it is a new friend, one who is different than others, not in your typical social group. As we can learn from the case of pumpkin and banana, that doesn’t mean that a great friendship cannot be formed. Because in the end, human connection, appreciation, and love is all anyone strives for, and it sure tastes good.


Sold Out!

M&M's Pumpkin SpiceFor a special treat this year, the Mars company teamed up with Target to be the only retailer of seasonal M&M’s in pumpkin spice. It’s hard to be exact in retail but the Mar’s company certainly did not expect these tasty pumpkin spice candies to sell out like they did. They are on to something. Sold Out at all Target stores near and far. From Massachusetts to Virginia. I checked the Target web site and it said that they are available at the North Buffalo Target store on Delaware Avenue. False information dear readers. They have been out for over 2 weeks. (update your web). Now they do have (and it’s not a Target exclusive) the M&M’s in candy corn white chocolate. But, I say why bother? Who likes white chocolate? That’s blood curdling! Now, it’s hard to keep track of all the flavors of M&M’s. It all started with plain and then peanut. But now we can choose peanut butter, pretzel, raspberry, dark chocolate, dark chocolate peanut, coconut and almond. Let’s not forget personalized M&M’s, seasonal colored M&M’s and sweet and salty snack mix. From the looks of it, pumpkin spice may be the next to permanently join the rotation in the Fall months. What is it about pumpkin spice that has America going insane over?  I’ll tell you right now. We love a little flavor to enliven the senses for a limited time. So pass the pumpkin latte, with the pumpkin spice jello, pumpkin spice marshmallows, pumpkin spice pringles, pumpkin spice bagel with pumpkin spice cream cheese. Oh just pass the pumpkin pie. Ahhhhhhh! It’s getting scary out there!