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I want to be a better person.

I want to be a better person

I want to be a better person. Fr. Joe and Martha share a hello after mass.

Recently at mass, our pastor Fr. Joe spoke of a text message he received from one of his friends after a heartwarming funeral of a mutual friend. The funeral mass was as crowded as the 4:30pm Christmas Eve mass because this man impacted so many by living a good life. The text message simply read “I want to be a better person”. Fr. Joe knew his friend was inspired by the funeral and said ” start by saying ‘I’m sorry ‘ and ‘thank you’ more often.” Hummm. He went on to say, start with your spouse and family since they are the ones who probably hear it the least and should hear it the most. Fr. Joe added to avoid the expression “whatever” and “whatev” because what you are actually saying is “I don’t care”. If you want to be a better person, try something straightforward, honest to goodness, undecorated and underused. “I’m sorry” and “Thank you”.

Oh, and thank you for reading this post.

The Lion Ring

The Lion Ring


Recently I attended a 90th birthday party for a retired doctor who remains in wonderful shape. The party was festive and the stories were flowing. One of his sons took the microphone and told the story of the lion ring. I have to share it. “You see when you grow up Catholic and Italian”, began Tommy “your First Communion day is huge”. When one of the 7 children would make his or her First Holy Communion, the parents would visit the local jewelry store and buy a cross necklace for the girls and a medal and chain for the boys. When Tommy was 5, he tagged with his parents to select the perfect medal for his older brother Frankie Jr. The young boys heart stopped when he saw a lion ring in the jewelry case. He begged his parents to buy it. He had to have it. It was the coolest thing he had ever seen! His life would be complete if he had that lion ring!! The parents gently but firmly said NO; after all, this day was about Frankie Jr. and his First Holy Communion medal.  Tommy was crushed. He thought his world had ended;  he eventually forgot about the ring–until his 18th birthday when his dad handed him a wrapped box and inside was the lion ring. “Little did I know my parents had returned to the jewelry store the very next day to buy it for me,” said Tommy. “The thought that they saved it all those years still makes me made me feel so special.” Tommy joked that he is the type of guy that never wears jewelry. He rarely wears the ring but he cherishes what it represents. Tommy joked to his parents in the crowd “I should have asked the return policy of the store. Was it 30 days or 13 years?”