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Bigger than the Story

        This past weekend I was fortunate to lead tours to both Seneca Falls and Skaneatelas in the Finger Lakes.  One town featured “It’s A Wonderful Life” festival and one featured “Charles Dickens Christmas.” This post is to show appreciation for these festivals and the people who created them and continue the good will. You gotta give credit to the folks who begin festivals to showcase their uniqueness and goodness.  The whole idea of a person finding out what the world would be like if he had never been born offers such food for thought. “It’s a Wonderful Life” is such a realistic movie with struggles and joy. The movie is bigger than a movie, it is a lesson. Everyones life touches so many other lives that we never stop to realize. If we could just imagine how our actions influence others.

        “Charles Dickens Christmas” demonstrates the transformation we all can make in this world. A little child can change your heart even Scrooge! We all have time to change our ways and grow in compassion and tenderness.

         Singing Christmas carols, roasting chestnuts, drinking hot chocolate and going on a horse drawn wagon ride just feels so good. A little child can change your heart even a Scrooge. Thank you for these festivals.  So memorable and so good for your soul.


Please enjoy the movie. Sincerely, Trish