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Movie Buff

I've turned into a movie buff. Why not? Movies are a great escape and completely entertaining.

I’ve turned into a movie buff. Why not? Movies are a great escape and completely entertaining.

As 2013 comes to a close, I must admit, I have turned into a “movie buff”. Why not? Movies are entertaining and millions upon millions of dollars are spent creating them and we have the luxury to sit back and watch all those years of work for a mere 10 dollars and 2 hours of our time. I have not always been a movie buff. No way. Years, decades have gone by without me stepping into a theatre. The price of the movie ticket, the cost of a babysitter, other things going on – the reasons were endless. But now, I can find bargain 7 dollar nights and bonus cards and free passes and all sorts of temptations to get me there. It’s fun. It’s educational too. It’s fantastic entertainment. I love coming away from a movie and googling more information about the film. I am a sucker for the movies that are “based on a true story.” There is always something you want to see or haven’t had a chance to see.  Let me add, I usually go alone to the movies. Sure, I go with my husband a lot but most of the time he’s not interested. Don’t feel sorry for a woman sitting alone in the movies. She may be very content and happy. She may be Poodle Walker. She is no doubt happy as a clam. I try never to buy the popcorn and pop. I mean, it is so grossly over priced. But, if you absolutely have to have it – go for the Zap Pack at Regal. About 6 bucks for a drink, popcorn and gummy pack. Not bad. Here is a tip. Don’t panic if you are late for the movies. The previews are getting out of control and last 20 minutes. Here is a short review of the movies I have seen this year.

Monster University – Brillant but could be 15 minutes shorter.

Blue Jasmine – Living a life of deception can only last so long.

Gravity – After watching this movie, I became a better breather and realized why I never dreamed of being an astronaut.

Captain Phillips- I am still wondering how the pirates on the little fishing boat were able to get inside the massive cargo ship. We are all at the mercy of where we are born. What if our sons were born in Somami?

12 Years A Slave – Is this really our country’s history? Painful and difficult yet redemptive. You will be proud of the North.

Philomena – Sad and humorous at times. There is something in this movie that everyone can relate to even non Catholics. Don’t judge our faith from this movie.

Anchorman The Legend  Continues – Lame.

Hunger Games. Catching Fire – I could not see the original Hunger Games fast enough. Completely engrossed. The whole idea of government conspiracy and what is real and what is just media is on the button.

Delivery Man- We all need someone in our corner. Encourage one another. Be there especially for your kids.

Last Vegas- Your youth stays with you your whole life and so does your first love.

Frozen- Sisterly love. A great message for sibling love and sacrifice.

Saving Mr. Banks – Redemption and forgiveness. Make the best out of life. California takes hits but ends up on top.

Grudge Match- What could have been a great family movie turned raunchy with the over done references to a son named Bradley James (BJ). Crude. Rude. And why does Hollywood insist on using the Lord’s name in vain? Cringe. Bonus- Funny poke at the Buffalo Bills for their 4 Super Bowl loses and beautiful scenery of Pittsburgh.

Favorite movie of 2013?

Rush- Competition makes us all try a little harder in life. Our unique personalities give us all advantages and disadvantages.