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Sincerely, Trish

       As an extension to my blog, I have decided to add some audio.

      It may sound that I am in a tin can but perfection is not the goal. I am going for authentic real stories.

      My life changed last year and every day, every minute, people’s live’s change. In the craziness of life, we all strive for a connection between one another to not feel alone. I want to bring that connection to people, when they need it, and even when they think they don’t. My vision is to fill the audio with stories and inspiration on how to go on when the unthinkable happens. Every day is someone’s day one on the journey. We must honor that, be attune to that, and support one another when we need it. We all touch so many more lives than we realize. With that in mind, I wanted to add voices to my audio section, and incorporate guests to share their experiences, connect with all of you, and gain the courage to talk about feelings we often hold back.

Episode 1. The Head Nod. Guest Julie Gielowski.

Episode 2. Childhood Friends. Guest Alex Dockstader

Episode 3. Never Miss A Chance. Guest Rachel Michalek

Episode 4. The Homemade Card. Guest Verna Mattimore


Episode 5. The Road Trip. Guest Ryan Butler


Episode 6. The Family. Guest Katie Sieben


Episode 7. The Women we Love. Guest Mali Kobelja


Episode 8. The Ambassador. Guest Crystal Williams

2 Thoughts on “Sincerely, Trish

  1. Tammy Anczok on November 20, 2015 at 3:35 am said:

    Thank you Trish for doing this blog….for putting yourself out there. I find your voice so peaceful and uplifting. I stumbled upon your blog on Facebook. I will continue to follow you and your inspirations!

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