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This 7 year old male weighs 160 pounds


He weighs 160 pounds and is 7 years old. A Newfoundland named Gus.

He weighs 160 pounds and is 7 years old. A Newfoundland named Gus. This picture was taken just 2 weeks after his emergency surgery.

Since I am a Poodle Walker, I meet many dogs on my walks. One of my favorites is Gus. Gus is a 7 year old male Newfoundland dog who is gentle and sweet tempered. I hadn’t seen Gus on our walks lately and found out that he had a scary attack of twisted stomach or bloat. It came out of nowhere and his owner said he started panting, and jumping on and off the furniture. He was unable to vomit and could not get comfortable. It was completely out of the ordinary since it was 2 0’clock in the morning. The owners were trying their hardest to go back to sleep but Gus kept acting very distressed. Fortunately the owners did not go back to sleep. They got in the car and immediately drove to Orchard Park to the Emergency Veterinary Hospital where they were able to diagnose the bloat right away and get Gus into surgery. Bloat is something to know about since certain dogs (large, deep chested) are more prone to this troubling conditions. Get to the Vet ASAP if you suspect bloat in your dog. And, if you see Gus on his walks he likes to take his time, roll in the grass, and wait for the kids to get off the bus. That’s Gus.



Have You Ever Been “Booed”?

Halloween Fun

BOO item ideas. Candy, cookies, soap, candles, and Halloween goodies are all you need. Why is the poodle in the picture? Because I’m poodle walker!


Have you ever been “BOOED”?  I mean, the good kind of BOOED. Not off the stage! We happen to live on a street where the neighbors are very close. We have a phone and email directory, an annual Halloween block party, a ladies Christmas party exchange, and the guys have a golf and awards night complete with the prized “green jacket”. Last year, another new tradition began. Our new neighbors moved in and brought with them a tradition that was cherished on their street many states away. We have incorporated it and love it. It’s called “BOOED”. You leave a gift on a neighbors’ doorstep with a poem explaining that they have been “BOOED” and they need to pass on the favor in the next couple days. Once you’ve been “BOOED” you are to leave a BOO picture in your window so you know which neighbors still need to be “BOOED”. Hey, doesn’t the world need a little lift? Don’t you want to be surprised with cookies or a homemade treat? Kids can’t have all the fun. Apparently a naysayer said “I don’t need the stress of getting a bloody BOO gift; I’m too busy; I don’t need it.” You know what I say to that? BOO! BOO!

Sunday. A day to rest and play.

Sunday is a time when we allow ourselves to set anchor and remember our purpose on earth. Sunday is the day to go to church and remember that God made the world and rested. God calls us to rest, to pray, to hear His voice, to be aware of His presence and the beauty of the earth. A time for family and a time to connect. A time away from the office, phone and fax machines. A time to break bread together. A time to relax and play.

spend time at home

spend time at home and rest and play.


Favorite moment

The moment when the groom sees his bride at the altar. That’s it. That is my favorite moment. It sums up a lot of what is important in life. Love, Commitment, Joy, Family and Faith. There he is in all his glory seeing his bride for the first time.

That moment

The Lion Ring

The Lion Ring


Recently I attended a 90th birthday party for a retired doctor who remains in wonderful shape. The party was festive and the stories were flowing. One of his sons took the microphone and told the story of the lion ring. I have to share it. “You see when you grow up Catholic and Italian”, began Tommy “your First Communion day is huge”. When one of the 7 children would make his or her First Holy Communion, the parents would visit the local jewelry store and buy a cross necklace for the girls and a medal and chain for the boys. When Tommy was 5, he tagged with his parents to select the perfect medal for his older brother Frankie Jr. The young boys heart stopped when he saw a lion ring in the jewelry case. He begged his parents to buy it. He had to have it. It was the coolest thing he had ever seen! His life would be complete if he had that lion ring!! The parents gently but firmly said NO; after all, this day was about Frankie Jr. and his First Holy Communion medal.  Tommy was crushed. He thought his world had ended;  he eventually forgot about the ring–until his 18th birthday when his dad handed him a wrapped box and inside was the lion ring. “Little did I know my parents had returned to the jewelry store the very next day to buy it for me,” said Tommy. “The thought that they saved it all those years still makes me made me feel so special.” Tommy joked that he is the type of guy that never wears jewelry. He rarely wears the ring but he cherishes what it represents. Tommy joked to his parents in the crowd “I should have asked the return policy of the store. Was it 30 days or 13 years?”

Hello from poodlewalker!

The purpose of this web page is to laugh, inspire and share. It’s a little variety show. Life is full of good things. Take time for the little things like walking your dog and important things like faith, family, love and laughter. Engage in fun. And I hope you’ll engage in some fun with this web page.